Funny little readings related to me and to you. Moon Phases when you were borne: You were born on a Last Quarter Moon Phase 270 – 315 degrees ahead of the Sun. The waning half-Moon is truly the Queen of the Night, rising around midnight to illuminate the darkest of times. This is the time of the fastest decrease in its physical size and so its energy is correspondingly dynamic when it comes to letting go and breaking down rather than the building up of the waxing Moon, but this isn’t to say you can’t create, rather that your creations emerge from the friction of letting go of the old. You show others, and society at large, how to churn and compost what’s dead and make space for the new.


Now check out the phase of the moon when you were borne!

Trips! Beginning tomorrow!!!


Hiking in the Pyrenees, biking in the Alps, soaking in Turks & Caicos, diving in Belize…YOU are there! Find a travel partner or brave it alone.  The discoveries are twice as nice when you have someone to share.   Yet, some of the most enlightening trips I”ve ever been on, I was alone, or at least, I started out alone.

The scariest moment is always just before you start.  Stephen King


One of my travel highlights in 2012  was the opportunity to go to Vera Cruz, Mexico.  Sponsored  with the Adventure Travel Trade Association, courtesy of the Mexican Tourism Board and the State of Veracruz, lucky ATTA members found a country rich in culture, magnificent landscapes, delightful people, natural wonders, both animate & inanimate. 

Pronatura Veracruz, A.C. was just such a place.  Annually, the great birds-of-prey, the raptors migrate from all over North America to Central & South America.  Veracruz is one of the flyovers enroute to northern South America for wintering.  Pronatura sponsors many points along the way to monitor these raptors once arriving in Mexico airspace.  

Visiting ATTA members had the good luck to be guests of one of the sponsoring organizers of Pronatura at Mexico Verde, a true “glamping experience”.   Photos uploaded soon and information on how you too can visit Mexico Verde.