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Fire, Earth, Water, Air

“Letters from the Tribe, Adventurers Abroad”


“The Elements – earth, wind, fire and water help revive your spirit. The four elements of nature are believed to reflect the simplest essential parts and principles of which anything consists. The elements of life are actually all one. It is merely our thoughts that separate them into pieces. In Akwaterra, we present the four elements of nature as categories of sensory experience to illustrate the oneness of all and to present the human experience with the marvels of nature, thus reminding our visitors to embrace nature, ourselves and the adventure of life.”

– My mosquito bites are fading and perhaps also some of the excitement. It’s back to everyday and though I thoroughly enjoy each and every photo posted on our facebook group, the feeling of the fresh, the new, the thrill somewhat fades into memory. But the inspiration?…

The oneness… The coming together of different parts to spin a wheel into evolution is not by chance. Somehow we were, for a moment, connected in one way or another, to become one effort, one force. But you have to ask yourself why me? Why was I there at this particular moment? My guess is that we were all on a mission; an expedition…. Maybe to discover the true pleasure and treasure of adventure and ultimately, to unveil positive human experience. The laughs, the thrills, the words spoken, the dance, the ritual, the “Tribe”.

Some of my notes strike me… For example; adventure tourism growing at a rate of 16% a year, Adventure travel is a connection to nature + Physical activity, + Cultural pieces, 65% of revenue stays in destination, Customers want to be impacted by their experience; authentic and transformative experiences.

What can I say, I do love the authenticity of the ” emerging” world. Two weekends ago I began a journey to a sister nation where life still remains, in many ways, unpredictable and organic. Funny how first impressions work, some are in tuned with reality but most are misconceptions because you cannot really judge a book by its cover. In fact, you cannot judge adventure or human experience at all because it is so personal and organic. That’s why we call it “Adventure”.

In the beginning it was so difficult to remember your names and attributes. Yesterday, as I pieced the journey together into a nice collection of business cards and scribbled bits of personal data that I learned along the way, I discovered that each notecard was filled with descriptive words about our unique exchange. And I can somehow put each name to a face, to a moment, to a place, to a connection.

Connections make up the map of our experience. The connections to earth, air, water and fire, light and spirit all spark the love we have for the overall experience of life.

“Ustedes en turismo de aventura venden alegria y amor” J. Wallace.

We are all fortunate to be in the industry of experience and adventure. We sell “happiness and love”. We connect the elements of nature and culture to human experience. In this past mission, we not only connected with each other, but we connected with a virtually unknown Mexico. It is through our own connections that we will “activate” the journey and this particular destination. But the most rewarding feeling is knowing that an inspired “you” is contributing to the flow of (in this case) emerging economies, (and in most cases in adventure travel) sustainable growth, evolution, and frugal but spiritually enriching, transformative human experience.

“Hasta luego” fellow adventurers.
Thanks for the inspiration.
See you on a future expedition!

Stay connected.
Gaby V.
El Salvadore