Late Fall Romania 2018


While I visited Romania and Vienna in 2018 I found myself immersed in a perfect world of contrasts. Romania and its’ post communist recovery with its’ beautiful Art Nouveau & Art Deco architecture interspersed with Functionalism and the Second Empire Style. Here are photos of Bucharest including some from the Spring Palace, the golden nest egg of Communist Dictator Nicholae Ceausescu. I’ll be using this as a building block to define contrast within Romanian architectural styles and contrasting Romania & Austria.

Below, photos from the Palace of Parliament, the 2nd largest building in the world, in Romania. The Dictator destroyed villages to build a near vacant, yet beautiful furnished palatial monstrosity.

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Travel Advisor; owner of Coastal Georgia Travel, & with lots of trip photos and info. We believe travel is inspirational, divine and necessary to understand the world we live in the 21st Century. Travel stimulates your creative powers and reconnects you to the past. We are repositories of our ancestors complete with the genetic memories they possessed. Travel, find yourself. Explore without and within.

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