Metamorphosis in Language


As a travel advisor and one who has traveled constantly, Switzerland, France, Spain, England, Scotland, Ireland, Mexico, Costa & Puerto Rica, Belize, so many others) reading signage, local newspapers, maps, etc. while traveling is always intriguing. As interesting is discovering the roots of our Americanized English language in countries where I am traveling. For instance, leaving Paris in 2012, traveling from my hotel to the Charles de Gaulle airport, I noticed a sign “Avance en Feu” which for the US would simply be a sign which says, “Yield.” The literal French translation is “Advance on Fire” or in other words, the traffic’s moving like speeding bullets so be cautious! My maternal grandmother used phrases like “in a few” which is a derivative of “avance en feu,” or basically wait, don’t go, “in a few” minutes proceed. Language arts become so alive when you travel!

About lachancey

Travel Advisor; owner of Coastal Georgia Travel, & with lots of trip photos and info. We believe travel is inspirational, divine and necessary to understand the world we live in the 21st Century. Travel stimulates your creative powers and reconnects you to the past. We are repositories of our ancestors complete with the genetic memories they possessed. Travel, find yourself. Explore without and within.

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